Below is an organized list of articles that we have on our website and some that were written on our blog. Be sure to also continually check the blog as well, because there may be more articles on there that haven't been linked here yet!

There are a lot more articles I plan on adding soon (many of which are already written on our blog), so keep checking back :).

~The First Step:

The Joy of Raising A Child With Down Syndrome
Giving Birth to a baby with DS
Breastfeeding a baby with DS
Response to "A Wrongful Birth?"
Looking Back Through The Past Two Years

An Open Letter To A Hospital

~Medical Stuff:

Deficiencies Caused by Reflux Medications

~Targeted Nutritional Intervention:

Rebuttal to Dr. Leshin's article against TNI
What is TNI?
The Vitamins We Give

~~Changing Minds Foundation Protocol:

~~Ginkgo Biloba:

~~Longvida Curcumin: (this section coming soon, Lord willing)

What is Longvida Curcumin?

Frequently Asked Questions about Longvida

~~Other Vitamins:

Glutathione & Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Speech Therapy:

Spoon Feeding to Discourage Tongue Thrust

PROMPT: The "Ah" or "Uh" Command

PROMPT: The "B" Command

PROMPT: The "E" Command

PROMPT: The "G" or "K" Command

PROMPT: The "L" Command

PROMPT: The "M" Command

PROMPT: The "P" Command

PROMPT: The "T" Command

A Cue for the "S" Sound


Vaccines and the Immune System
Flu Vaccine
Links to Vaccine Info