Letter to NY Times Editor in Response to "A Wrongful Birth?"

Written in April 2006

Dear Editor,

I read the article, "A Wrongful Birth?" I was very disturbed, saddened and quite upset reading the article. I want to quote this statement, "No matter the legal context, terminating a wanted pregnancy is no one's first choice, but for the time being at least, when faced with a fetus that will become a severely handicapped child, all the choices are bad." This statement made me very upset. That statement is an absolute lie! In all means, there is no truth to that statement. I am the sister of a little boy with Down Syndrome, which, in part is a big reason why I was greatly upset over the article I read. My parents did not know my brother would be born with Down Syndrome. It was a surprise to us all. But, we did not feel any sadness about that. The moment I saw my brother wheeled by me from the operating room, minutes after he was born, to the NICU, was a moment of joy. It was amazing to see such a little baby that God brought into the world. When my father came out of the NICU and said, "it looks like the little boy may have Down Syndrome," it did not hardly phase me at all. I, as well as my family, knew very little about Down Syndrome, but my very first thought was, "that's not bad . . . I will be there for him whenever he needs me."

Now, 14 months later, all my brother has been to the family is a tremendous blessing! He brings so much joy to the family, with his huge smiles, happy countenance, a happy attitude, and the adorable clapping he does all the time when he is excited! Yet, there is a very, very sad reality that the big majority of these little blessings are aborted. Yes, my brother might be slower than other children, he may need help with some things, but that is no reason to take the life of a wonderful little child. How sad it is to think that so many people in this world are so selfish, they will not take the time to give these Down Syndrome babies a chance at life. The choices are not bad! If God wants to give someone the blessing of a baby with Down Syndrome, that child should not, in any circumstance be aborted. I hope this will be able to be seen by the public. I am crying out for those who cannot cry out - the unborn! Please, anyone, feel free to email me at feargod@atruechurch.info.