What Is Targeted Nutritional Intervention for Down Syndrome?

by Qadoshyah Fish

Targeted Nutritional Intervention are formulas (similar to a multivitamin) of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are specifically formulated for an individual with Down Syndrome (DS). These formulas are specifically formulated for someone with DS because they typically have different metabolic & biochemical processes going on inside of their bodies. Due to these processes, most individuals with DS have various chemicals, vitamins, minerals or amino acids that are either too low (deficient) or too high. With them being too low in certain vitamins, minerals, or amino acids, this can cause damage in various ways. With them also being high in some things, this can also cause damage.

Thus, the reason for TNI - the formula is specially designed to increase the nutrients they are low in and to help decrease the nutrients they are high in. Also, there are certain nutrients you do not want to give someone with Down Syndrome because of the metabolic & biochemical imbalances/processes they have going on inside of them. You should not give someone with DS just any ole regular multi-vitamin, due to the above reasons. I will explain more on these things I am talking about in separate articles about this subject, as time goes on and as I get to writing these other articles. For a very indepth article about TNI please see here.

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