Is The Flu Vaccine Really Effective?

I thought this would be a beneficial article to have on our website. Especially since people who have a child with Down Syndrome who has a very weak immune system or serious health problem (i.e. where that child will be in serious trouble if they get the flu), may have their child vaccinated with the flu vaccine. You may want to consider the "other side" of the flu vaccine. Is it really effective? According to the following article (which has several studies cited to support what they are saying) it is not very effective. We may also want to be cautious, since vaccines may not strengthen the immune system, but rather weaken it. There are things you can do naturally which boost the immune system & help prevent the flu (we will have info on this in the near future, Lord willing). Here is some interesting information on this topic:


By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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NYTimes article, "2 Studies Question the Effectiveness of Flu Vaccines "

By Elisabeth Rosenthal

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The following medical abstract found that there was no decrease in the incidence of influenza following increased vaccine distribution. Thus, showing that the flu vaccine may be ineffective.

Incidence of influenza in Ontario following the Universal Influenza Immunization Campaign.

University of Ottawa, Faculty of Health Sciences, 451 Smyth Road (3251D), Ottawa, Ont., Canada K1H 8M5.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether the incidence of influenza in Ontario, Canada has decreased following the introduction of the Universal Influenza Immunization Campaign (UIIC) in 2000. All laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in Ontario, from January 1990 to August 2005 were analyzed using multitaper time series analysis. We found that there has not been a decrease in the mean monthly influenza rate following the introduction of the UIIC (109.5 (S.D. 20) versus 160 (S.D. 50.3) p>0.1). Despite increased vaccine distribution and financial resources towards promotion, the incidence of influenza in Ontario has not decreased following the introduction of the UIIC.