Informative Links on Vaccines:

Below is a list of a bunch of good, informative links on vaccines.
-----best article we've seen on it

ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute

Secret government database of vaccine damaged children:

National Vaccine Information Center,

Moms Against Mercury

link to package inserts

National Vaccine Information Center at

Dr Mercola's website at (type in vaccine or vaccination and you'll get alot of results)

For one example of information from Dr. Mercola's website, see

Information regarding your pediatrician's and the Center for Disease Control's position on vaccination can be found at

NM Pediatrician Targets Mercury in Flu Vaccine -

Very interesting article. It is long, but is worth the read. Make sure you are informed before you vaccinate!

Another good website. The first part of the page is in regards to animals, skip down to the second part of the page for the information on humans & vaccines: