Message Boards:
**Einstein-Syndrome Listserv *very informative list

**DSTNI Listserv *another very informative list

**DS-Nutrition Listserv *Only for those using Nutrivene-D or looking into using it

**DownSyndromeInfoExchange *yet another very informative list

Informative Links:
**Alton Web/Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group
**Down Syndrome Research Fund
Targeted Nutrition Intervention (TNI) Links:
**Genetics & Disabilities Diagnostic Care Center (Dr. Leitchman)
**DSTNI Yahoo! Group
**The Study Of Vitamins & Minerals for Children with Down Syndrome
**The Ragans
Oral Motor/Speech Therapy Links:
**Talk Tools/Innovative Therapists International
**Beckman Oral Motor Therapy
**Meal Time Notions
Research Links:
**Down Syndrome Research Fund
**Sarah-Duffen Centre (Down Syndrome Educational Trust)
**Down Syndrome Resources Online
Physical Therapy Links:
**Bumbo Baby Seat & Bumbo Chair Lady
**Boppy Baby Seat
Book Stores/Places To Buy:
**Woodbine House
Health & Medical Links:
**Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)
**Body Ecology Diet (BED)

** Down's Heart Group