Hello & welcome to Got Down Syndrome! This website has been built to share facts and the truth about Down syndrome. Whether you are here because you are just researching Down syndrome, or here because your child or a loved one has recently been diagonosed with Down syndrome, we hope this website will offer hope, love, acceptance and awareness.

We didn't know much of anything about Down Syndrome, when Osiyyah was born. Since then, our life has been an ever changing research path. Research on how can we help Osiyyah achieve his highest potential and everything we can possibly do for him to help him a long.

Yet, for the first several months of Osiyyah's life, there was so much we didn't know and didn't find out about until he was close to a year old. Things that would have benefited him greatly had we known about it when he was born. Or, had we been offered hope and resources of what you can do for children with Down syndrome. Not, a "I'm sorry your kid has Down syndrome", he won't talk, will take a long time to walk, etc.

Because of our experience and so many other's experiences, we decided to put a website together that offers hope to show what really can be done for a child with Down syndrome.

Our blog is FULL of a lot of information and articles, including fun little tid-bits of our "normal" life in a family of 13 with a little boy who happens to have Down syndrome.

We also edited a 589 page book called Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do, that is filled with information that every family should know about when their child is first born. The book is full of articles written by doctors, therapists, professionals and stories from parents of children with Down syndrome.  

The book is full of information on targeted nutritional intervention and the benefits of it, speech therapy, oral motor therapy, physical therapy, adoption stories and resources, gastrointenstional information and concerns, thyroid information and so much more. At the link on the side you can see a 15 page preview with a full table of contents.

I hope this website, our blog and our book is helpful to you and do not hesitate to call or email us! We'd be glad to help in any way possible!

Last updated: 12/23/10

My name is Qadoshyah and I am the oldest of 11 children with the youngest two being boy/girl twins. The boy, Osiyyah, has Down syndrome. The twins were born in February of 2005. Our life changed forever the day the twins were born. Changed for the better. We did not know Osiyyah would have Down syndrome until he was born, but that didn't matter. The Lord is the one who has made him this way and He has blessed our family with him and we will love him.

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